Ivy Florist’s ultimate guide to choosing your wedding flowers

Imagine a wedding without flowers? No, we can’t either! Wedding flowers are integral whole look and feel of your day – the colours and styles that you choose will be key and reflect your personality and style.
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So, we asked Sofia at the amazing Ivy Florist in Pudsey, Leeds for her top tips for choosing your wedding day flowers.

1. What would you say are the top 5 most important things for a bride to consider when she’s planning her wedding flowers? Is season one of these?

 – Do your research before you visit any florist, even before booking a consultation, because bringing along just a few images gives us a instant insight into your mental mood board.Ivy Florist 6
– Concentrate on your gut instinct and YOUR likes, rather than what you have seen on Pinterest or Facebook, as the latest ‘must have’ trend.
– As a florist, definitely season is soooo important. We have had brides who had their heart set on peonies or cherry blossom, but they are not in season for their wedding date.
– Be realistic about your budget- if you want the whole shabang in flower terms, you will be looking into four figures.
– Go with the best florist for you but basically you get what you pay for.

2. Favourite flowers for a Spring wedding?

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Surprisingly, by the time you see spring flowers in gardens, a florist’s spring season is coming to an end! We start with the spring selection as early as October, such as Tulips and Hyacinths; then we move into late Spring with Peonies and Lily of the Valley. Personally, I love hellebores, Poppies, Cherry Blossom, Bridal Crowns & Lily of the Valley.

3. Should the flowers reflect the venue as well? How would your ideas differ for a rustic venue like Forget Me Knott Fields and a more formal hotel environment?

Ideally yes, however some couples may not have the budget for a field wedding, but love the rustic informal style, so we would never say no. It’s your vision. We can work any style into any location- most of the time.

4. Romantic/Traditional/Minimalist/Bohemian/Modern? What’s most popular? – how does the style influence the flowers you choose?Ivy florist 3

At the moment, we are seeing brides loving Boho or the more rustic wild look, with lots of texture and foliage; which we love! That’s not to say we would push that style onto a bride, who wants a more simple or traditional bouquet.
The flowers definitely need to suit the chosen style, a rustic bouquet with a Vanda orchid would be wrong, you need the softer, dainty garden flowers.

5. What would your own personal choice and style of fabulous wedding flowers be?

We eloped in Las Vegas during an East-West coast holiday, with a 1955 dress I opted for a simple artificial circlet which I made.
At our wedding celebration party a few months later, we have lengths of wooden trellis tables filled with jam jars, mini bottles & noodle boxes- decorated with metallic copper spray, gold glitter and luggage instruction labels. It wouldn’t have been my chosen season, but I worked with it and bought any flower, texture, foliage and plants to suit my theme.
Between you & me, I would have love a Teepee wedding.

Thank you, Sofia!

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